Service 24/7 – Technical service for your milking robot

Phone: 819 289-2930
Emergency phone outside business hours: 819 668-2180
Email: info@milkomax.com

You are our priority

To look after our customers’ needs, Milkomax provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical service. We understand that dairy production does not allow for downtime: your income is directly impacted by your automated milking system’s dependability. Milkomax’ team aims for the highest quality standards for both our products and our service. Whether you are looked after by Milkomax or by one of our dealers, after-sale service is our priority.


Milkomax Solutions Laitières


Region: Central Quebec

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Region: Manitoba

Pure Line CO Ltd

+81 33 420 7311

Region: Japan

Our investment in training

To insure a fast, efficient and courteous response to your requests, our service technicians are certified and professionally trained. Milkomax personnel understands the importance of their role and the impact their work has on your professional and personal life. To serve you better, Milkomax focuses on its human resources through a program of continuous education.

Milkomax’ goal is to surpass both your expectations and those of your herd!